• Manufacture high-quality goods, inherit perfect, build brand and lead the industry


    Ningbo Jingeao Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading company in the refrigeration industry that specializes in designing and customizing high-end commercial and medical display cooler with the unique feature of “Originality and personalization”.


    Provide personalized R&D, design and customization services for different customers. The series products not only successfully entered the international market, but also won the favor and cooperation of international famous brand manufacturers.

    In the development of products, the company has focused on the international commercial special refrigerator market for research and development, and has laid a solid foundation so far. At present, the products have formed five series. First, the display cabinet series include: ultra-low temperature freezer display cabinet, ice cream and chocolate frozen display cabinet, carbonated beverage refrigerated display cabinet, mineral water refrigerated display cabinet, fresh milk refrigerated display cabinet; second, wine cabinet series: simulated kiln constant temperature wine cabinet Beer machine; three ice wine series: single bottle built-in, multi-bottle top-mounted fast ice wine machine and matching ice cup machine.